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CD and DVD are an exciting new media that has more potential to get your message across than any other media. VHS is dead. With a CD or DVD presentation of your company, all the information is there to see and hear with links to your website and other information. You are able to add video and audio to your existing print message.

Corporations will find that everyone should have a CD player in their office computer. They probably will not have a VHS tape player. This means they will not be able to view your message until they decide to take it home and look at it.

Weddings and other important events should be saved on DVD. DVDs can be set up in ways that VHS can not begin to touch. All the important information is readily available as easy to access.

Most people think of music when they hear CDs. We have worked musicians putting together designs for their CDs, covers and 1-sheets.

CD Cover and 1-Sheet with Bar Codes